Trustee Information
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The Trustee is required by law to make the following information available:

Plan's Governing RulesDateFile sizeDescription
Deed of Amendment 26 November 2020 26 November 2020 156 KB Terminal Medical Condition benefits (effective 1 November 2020)
Deed of Amendment 23 December 2010 23 December 2010 125 KB Change of Trustee name
Deed of Amendment 1 April 2009 1 April 2009 300 KB Introducing binding nominations and amendments to definition of spouse and dependants
Deed of Amendment 25 February 2008 25 February 2008 213 KB Contribution splitting and various changes
Trustee Appointment Deed 1 May 2006 470 KB The Trustee Appointment Deed dated 1 May 2006
Trustee Retirement Deed 1 May 2006 258 KB The Trustee Retirement Deed dated 1 May 2006
Deed of Amendment 19 April 2002 19 April 2002 2,753 KB This Deed sets out the rules for the Oracle Superannuation Plan

Information about the TrusteeDateFile sizeDescription
Trustee's Constitution 26 March 2019 253 KB Trustee's Constitution
Rules for appointment and removal of Directors March 2019 87 KB Rules for appointment and removal of Directors
Information about Trustee Directors January 2021 59 KB Summary about Trustee Directors
Board Meeting Attendance 31 December 2020 41 KB Board Meeting Attendance for current Directors
Register of Relevant Duties and Interests March 2020 99 KB Summary of disclosures made by Responsible Persons
Remuneration Report 31 December 2019 93 KB Remuneration of each executive officer
Annual Financial Statements for Trustee 30 March 2020 10.7 MB Financial Statements for latest financial year

Financial Services GuideDateFile sizeDescription
FSG November 2018 173 KB Important information about Towers Watson Superannuation Pty Ltd including
what services we are authorised to provide

Summary of Significant Events and Material ChangesDateFile sizeDescription
Summary of Significant Events and Material Changes September 2020 24 KB Summary of recent changes

Outsourced Service ProvidersDateFile sizeDescription
Outsourced Service Providers July 2020 13 KB Summary of Outsourced Service Providers

Conflicts Management PolicyDateFile sizeDescription
Conflicts Management Policy June 2019 203 KB Summary of the Trustee's approach to managing conflicts

Annual Members’ MeetingDateFile sizeDescription
2020 Annual Members’ Meeting minutes December 2020 191 KB Minutes from the Annual Members’ Meeting, held 5 November 2020

Member Outcomes AssessmentDateFile sizeDescription
2020 Member Outcomes Assessment Summary March 2021 188 KB Summary of the Trustee’s determinations for the Plan’s Choice product for the year ending 30 June 2020