Continuing your insurance when you leave
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Death Cover

When you leave Oracle you may be able to apply for the insured part of your death benefit to be continued as a private insurance policy with the insurer. This is called a continuation option and, subject to you meeting certain conditions, allows you to maintain your insurance cover without having to provide any health evidence.

If you are a Spouse member with insurance cover and your partner (Oracle employee) leaves Oracle, you can apply to continue the death-only insurance cover you had as a Spouse member.

The insurance premiums for the continuation option will be the insurer's current retail premium rates at the time the policy is taken out and will be different to the premiums that apply in the Plan.

To apply for a continuation option when you leave, you will need to satisfy certain conditions.

You should refer to the Information for Members Leaving Service flyer or PDS for more details.

the Information for Members Leaving Service flyer

If you join another super fund while employed by Oracle, you cannot apply for a continuation option for any insurance cover that you may have obtained through the Plan.

To take advantage of the continuation option when you leave Oracle, you must be under age 60 and apply for the replacement insurance cover within 60 days of you leaving Oracle. You must not have left Oracle because of injury or illness, or not be joining any military forces. Other conditions also apply.

Total and Permanent Disablement cover

There is no option to continue your TPD cover when you leave Oracle.

How do I continue my insurance cover?

Contact the Plan Administrator on 1800 127 953 if you want to apply to continue your insurance cover.

Remember, you need to apply within the relevant time limits mentioned above.

Towers Watson Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 45 002 415 349, AFSL 229921) "Willis Towers Watson" has financial planners in its Melbourne office, to offer members financial planning services. You can take advantage of these arrangements at any time, including when you leave. To speak with a licensed financial adviser from Willis Towers Watson and for more information about continuing your insurance when you leave, contact Willis Towers Watson on (03) 9655 5222. Or you can contact the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) to help locate a professional financial adviser near you. Call 1300 337 301 or visit for more details.