About the Plan
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The Oracle Superannuation Plan ("the Plan") offers flexibility and choice.

This site is your on-line super information resource centre. It contains general information about your Plan and your super. You should refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for your category of membership for more information. This site has been carefully prepared to ensure accurate information, however the Trustee reserves the right to correct any errors or omissions.

Your Plan in brief

The Plan is an accumulation plan. Contributions made by you and Oracle (including Oracle Global Services and Oracle Financial Services) go into accounts in your name, which receive investment returns (which may be positive or negative). Fees, taxes and benefits paid are deducted from your account.

The Plan also provides financial protection in case of Death and Total and Permanent Disablement for eligible members.

You can also apply for your spouse to become a member of the Plan.

For further information on the Plan, please refer to:

Keeping in touch with your super

You can get the latest available information about your super on this website. Each year the Trustee issues an annual report giving you news about the Plan and you will receive an annual Member Statement showing your current benefit details.

You can download a copy of the Plan's latest annual report below.

the latest Annual Report

the Product Disclosure Statement - employee and Retained Benefit members

the Product Disclosure Statement - Spouse members