Taking out extra insurance
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If you are an Accumulation member and would like more cover than the basic level of insurance provided by the Fund, you can apply for additional voluntary insurance.

Refer to IPE Super's Insurance Guide for more information about topping up your insurance.

The cost of this extra insurance cover is deducted from your accounts in the Fund.

The information provided above is a summary only. You should refer to the PDS and Additional Voluntary Insurance Guide for more information regarding additional voluntary insurance cover.

IPE Super's Insurance Guide for new employees, Retained and Spouse members

the Additional Voluntary Insurance Guide

If you want to take out extra insurance cover you will need to complete the forms included with the Additional Voluntary Insurance Guide. These include an application form and a medical questionnaire about your health and lifestyle. Return the completed forms to the Fund Administrator.

Spouse members should use the IPE Super Spouse Form to apply or top-up their insurance cover.

a IPE Super Spouse Form

Please note that Retained members do not have the option to increase their insurance cover under the Fund.

During the process of assessing your application for voluntary insurance, you may also be asked to provide further medical information. Any voluntary insurance cover will not commence until your application has been approved, in writing, by the insurer.