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This page explains the investment choices available for Accumulation and Defined Benefit members of the Fund, including members of the Retained Benefits Section.

Defined Benefit members have investment choice for their additional accumulation accounts. These accounts are generally made up of any additional top-up contributions you may have paid to the Fund, or amounts that you may have rolled into the Fund from other Super Funds. Investment choice is not available on contributions that relate directly to your defined (salary-related) benefit.

IPE Super offers two levels of investment choice to current employees, spouse members and Retained Benefits members.

Level one allows you to choose one of the four pre-packaged investment options, Level two allows you to design your own investment option. You can choose your own investment mix of the asset classes or pre-packaged options and design your own hybrid investment option.

IPE Super's Investment Guide for new employees, Retained and Spouse members

Choosing your investment option(s)

If you don't choose an investment option, your super, including the additional accumulation accounts of Defined Benefit members, will automatically be invested in the Active Balanced option. This is also the option for MySuper members.

You can choose an investment option when you first join the Fund. After that, you can change your investment option at any time. Please remember - your choice of investment option is up to you. The Trustee does not recommend one investment option over another and can not provide investment advice. If you are unsure which investment option suits you best, please speak to a licensed financial adviser.

To change your investment choice you can either go to Member Centre to make a change to your details online, or download the relevant form below:

an Application & Change Form for Accumulation members (including Retained Benefits members)

a Defined Benefit Super Choices Form

an IPE Super Spouse Form