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This page explains how fees work for Accumulation members. Defined Benefit members should see their member booklet for information about their fees in the Fund.

The Fund's administration fee is applied in two parts. A dollar fee is deducted from your account each month. There is also an asset-based administration fee that is deducted from investment earnings monthly before the earnings are applied to members' accounts.

All members pay investment fees and indirect costs (where applicable) and these are deducted from investment returns before they are applied to your accounts.

The fee for your insurance cover is also deducted from your account.

Some fees are charged on a user pays basis as noted below. Fees that are deducted from your accounts may include:

  • activity fees; and
  • a switching fee if you change your investment choice more than once each financial year.

You should refer to the booklets below for details of current fees that apply.

the Additional information about IPE Super

the Fee Definitions leaflet

 the Account-Based Pension Guide