Providing Health Evidence
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Normally, eligible members will receive basic insurance cover (up to the insurer’s Automatic Acceptance Limit) from the day you join the Fund without the need to provide evidence of your health.

However, you will need to provide health evidence if your level of cover exceeds the Automatic Acceptance Limit set by the insurer, or you are not able to perform all your normal duties and hours without restriction due to illness or injury on the day you were first eligible for cover.

You should refer to the PDS for your category of membership for more information regarding eligibility and terms and conditions relating to the insurance benefits provided through the Fund.

You will generally need to provide health evidence if applying for additional insurance cover. You may be able to take out additional cover without health evidence if you are an Employee member and apply within 90 days of first joining the Fund or you experience a specific Life Event. Some conditions apply. Insurance only and Retained Benefit members are not eligible for these offers. Refer to the Insurance Guide for further information regarding specific Life Events.

Any cover subject to health evidence will not commence until it is approved in writing by the insurer.

The information provided above is a summary only. You should refer to the PDS and Insurance Guide or Spouse Super Guide for more information regarding providing health evidence. Your death and disablement benefits will be reduced by any amount of insurance that the Trustee is unable to arrange or claim.

the Product Disclosure Statement for Employee members (including Insurance Only members) and Retained Benefit members

the Insurance Guide

the Product Disclosure Statement - Spouse members

the Spouse Super Guide