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Super News - May 2019

This significant events newsletter provides members with more information on the proposed transfer of members’ benefits to Equipsuper, which was advised in our March 2019 newsletter.

the Super News - May 2019

2018 Annual Report

Inside, find out:

  • How the Fund's investment options have performed for the year to 31 December 2018;
  • Who manages the Fund and how; and
  • A summary of the Fund's financial statements.

the 2018 Annual Report

Super News - April 2019

This newsletter includes details of the Fund's new fees which apply from 1 July 2019 and updates you on the Declared Earning Rates for the year to 31 December 2018.

the Super News - April 2019

Super News - March 2019

This Significant Events Newsletter provides members with an important update following completion of Dow's strategic review of superannuation arrangements for its employees.

the Super News - March 2019

Information for Corteva and new DuPont employees and their Spouse Members

This Significant Event Notice provides information for Dow AgroSciences Australia Limited (Corteva) and TULP Operations Australia Pty Ltd (new DuPont) employees about their superannuation in the Fund from 1 April 2019. It also applies to spouses of these employees who are Spouse members of the Fund.

the SEN - February 2019

Super News - October 2018

This newsletter updates you on Dow’s review of the superannuation arrangements for its employees. It also updates you on the Fund's latest investment performance and some potential changes to superannuation announced in the last Budget.

the Super News - October 2018

2018 Federal Budget update

Here is a brief summary of the changes that were proposed to super in the 2018 Federal Budget and what they could mean for you.

the 2018 Federal Budget update

Super News - April 2018

This Super News updates contains details of new fees that apply from 1 July 2018 as well as an update on how the Fund’s investments have performed.

the Super News - April 2018

Super News - November 2017

This Super News updates you on changes to how fees are disclosed in the Fund and recent investment performance.

the Super News - November 2017

Super News - April 2017

This Super News contains information on boosting your super, the concessional contribution cap, fee changes, insurance, and a Fund performance update.

the Super News - April 2017

Super News - February 2017

This Super News contains information on changes to investment objectives, details on the revised Budget super proposals, and a Fund performance update.

the Super News - February 2017

January 2017 Ecard

This Ecard contains information on the new Fund website, and the new Policy Committee representative.

the January 2017 eCard

Dow Superannuation Presentation

The November 2016 Superannuation Changes presentation contains highlights for the Dow Australia Superannuation Fund, an update on the 2017 superannuation and Centrelink changes and an action plan.

the Dow Superannuation Presentation

June 2016 Ecard

This Ecard contains information on the newly elected Policy Committee representatives.

the June 2016 eCard

Super News - June 2016

the Super News - June 2016

Super News - April 2016

This special issue of Super News is part of your Annual Member Pack that includes your Annual Benefit Statement.

the Super News - April 2016

The Retirement Planner

The Dow Fund's Retirement Planner allows you to project your estimated retirement income, taking into account your own inputs, your partner's inputs (if applicable), the age pension, and other features of the Australian superannuation system, such as Government co-contributions.

Super News - November 2015

the Super News - November 2015

Super News - June 2015

the Super News - June 2015

Super News - April 2015

the Super News - April 2015