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This part of the site explains how you can invest your super through the Dow Australia Superannuation Fund. You must make an investment choice when you join the Fund or your application for membership cannot be processed.

You have eight investment options to choose from. Each option has a different investment strategy and different investment objectives.

You can choose to invest all of your super in one of the options, or you can choose a mix of the different options.

The table below gives you an overview of your investment choices.

OptionInvestment Return Objective measured
over rolling 10-year periods
Investment strategyVolatility level
Assertive * CPI + 4% pa To invest totally in shares with about 30% in Australian shares, 10% in emerging markets (unhedged) and 60% in international shares. Approximately half the international shares are currency hedged into Australian dollars. High
Growth * CPI + 3% pa To invest about 75% in growth assets and about 25% in income assets. Medium to high
Conservative * CPI + 1.5% pa To invest about 55% in income assets and about 45% in growth assets. Medium
International Shares * CPI + 4% pa To invest totally in a diversified portfolio of international shares (including emerging markets - unhedged), with approximately half currency hedged into Australian dollars. High
Australian Shares CPI + 4% To invest totally in a diversified portfolio of Australian shares. Very High
Property CPI + 3% To invest totally in global listed property trusts (including listed property in Australia) which is totally currency hedged into Australian dollars. Very High
Fixed Interest CPI + 1% To invest totally in a diversified portfolio of government and non-government bond investments, including about three quarters in Australian and a quarter in international bond securities.
The currency exposure for the international bond securities is fully hedged into Australian dollars.
Cash CPI + 0.5% To invest totally in cash investments such as bank deposits, bank bills, and short-dated securities. Very Low

* Over the 12 months ending February 2018, the assets in the Assertive, Growth, Conservative and International Shares options are being progressively transitioned to the target asset allocations shown in the Investment Guide. For these options, the investment strategies and volatility levels shown above are those expected on completion of the transition.

For more information on the investment options in the Fund and to learn more about investments please download the Investment Guide below:

the Investment Guide

For further information on investments, please refer to: