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This page explains how insurance works. Retained Benefit members do not have insurance in the Fund. Spouse members can apply to purchase voluntary insurance for death cover only.

The information provided below is a summary only. You should refer to the PDS for more information regarding eligibility and terms and conditions that apply to the insurance benefits provided through the Fund. Please note if you are casual, part-time or a contractor you may not be eligible for insurance cover. For all members, your death and disablement benefits will be reduced by any amount of insurance that the Trustee is unable to arrange or claim.

If you are eligible for basic insurance cover, the cost of your basic insurance is paid for by your Employer. If you take out extra insurance cover, voluntary insurance fees will be deducted from your account(s) in the Fund. You should refer to the PDS and Insurance Guide for more information regarding the fees that apply and who pays.

the Product Disclosure Statement for Employee members (including Insurance Only members) and Retained Benefit members

the Product Disclosure Statement - Spouse Members

the Insurance Guide

the Spouse Super Guide

For further information on insurance, please refer to: