Nominating your beneficiaries
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When you nominate your beneficiaries, you make a non-binding nomination which gives the Trustee guidance as to how you want your benefit to be paid. The Trustee has the final say, but they must act in your best interests and in the best interests of your dependants.

Who are my dependants?

Your dependants will include the following:

  • your spouse (including de facto and same sex partners),
  • your children (including unborn, step, adopted, or ex-nuptial children and children of your spouse),
  • any other person that the Trustees determine is dependent on you; and
  • any person with whom you have an interdependency relationship.

This means that when you're nominating your beneficiaries, you should make sure you've nominated people who are eligible.

What if I don't have any dependants?

If you don't have any dependants, your death benefit will generally be paid to your legal personal representative, and your super becomes part of your estate.

Making a nomination

To nominate your beneficiaries you should complete the Change form or log into your account in the Member Centre and provide the details on line.

a Change form